Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Mens Hair

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Men’s Hair

mens hair cutHair care is not just important for women. Just like men treasure their toys and cars, they should also work towards maintaining healthy hair and that goes beyond just getting a haircut. If you invest in taking good care of your hair, you will not just enhance your overall look, but you could also delay the onset of balding.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure your hair as a man stays clean and healthy.

  1. Avoid over-washing

Most men keep their hair short and they maintain basic hairstyles which means it’s easy for them to jump in the shower and wash their hair on a daily basis as they take a shower. Washing hair too much eliminates the natural oils from it coursing it to become coarse and dry. It’s advisable to wash hair at most twice a week and apply a conditioner each time you wash to give it a healthier appearance.

  1. Pat Dry

Most men dry their hair all wrong which is one of the main causes of damaged hair. When the hair is wet, it becomes vulnerable to damage. Rubbing it with a towel can cause some of the hair to get tangled in the towel threads and ultimately lead to breaking and stretching, and damage at the cuticle. In addition, the hair develops a lot of split ends and becomes frizzy.

The proper way to dry hair after washing is by first shaking off the excess water, before stroking in certain direction as opposed to rubbing using a towel. Although drying may take longer when you do it this way, it gets easier after several haircuts.

If the hair is longer, avoid blow drying all the time because that too can cause the scalp and hair to dry up. On the rare occasion you blow-dry, first apply a detangler or thermal spray to coat your hair so that it doesn’t get damaged from the blow dryer’s heat. While blow-drying, use a comb with wide teeth to prevent excess pulling.

  1. Use eggs to condition

It might sound gross but raw eggs on your hair as conditioner works wonders. Eggs are rich in protein which leaves the hair looking healthy and shiny. Try and break an egg in your hair once a week. Massage the egg into the hair and add some shampoo before thoroughly rinsing everything off.

  1. Avoid using chemical treatments

Sometimes men also use relaxers to improve hair texture and make it more manageable. Using relaxers and coloring repeatedly will damage your hair leaving it dull and dry. It’s best to avoid the use of chemicals and instead use organic products or get advice from a professional stylist on the best products for your hair type.

If you are in search of a good hair salon within the Clayton, North Carolina area then Clayton Hair Salon is your best bet. All the stylists and technicians working in the salon are independent contractors and can be reached through their individual pages. Come on down and let the friendly crew at Clayton Hair Salon get you fixed up!

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Why You Should Go To A Licensed Hair Stylist

Why You Should Always Go To a Licensed Hair Stylist

There are people who prefer to do their own hair and there are those who prefer visiting a hair salon for any haircut or hair color change. Each option has their own benefits, but choosing a licensed hair stylist will probably end up being more beneficial in the long run. There are plenty of tutorials on just about everything related to hair online and this can make you think it is easy to do it yourself at home, but things can quickly backfire. If you are looking to get a new hair color or haircut, it is advisable to go to a licensed and reputed hair stylist. Opting to go to a professional hair stylists means you will be ensured to get quality service.

Going to a licensed hair stylist in Clayton NC gives you the guarantee that your hair will be in good hands. The people working in a professional hair salon have the relevant and necessary experience and knowledge in various hair treatments you may want. Trying a new haircut or hair color by yourself is tricky and most of the time it ends in failure if you do not know what you are doing. Going to a licensed and professional hair stylist gives you the assurance that whatever you are going to do will be done well. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of going to a licensed hair stylist. When trying to do your own hair, something as small and seemingly insignificant as leaving the color in for a little bit too long can ruin the look you’re going for.

If you plan on going for a different hair color then it is highly recommended that you go to a licensed hair stylist. First and foremost, professional hair salons have some of the highest quality and best dyes available on the market and they have the skills to dye your hair in the most natural way. Most regular people can’t access the high quality colors and materials easily available to liscensed stylist. Taking these steps will ensure the hair color will look very natural and high quality. Licensed hair stylist are very knowledgeable in applying hair dye to all hair types in addition to using only the best hair dyes. They also know of the various treatments to use on your hair so the dye stays in your hair without damaging it.

Professional hair salons know about almost all the hairstyles out there, and can imitate most anything, which is great if you want a complete change from your current hairstyle. Trying to perform a specific hairstyle or haircut yourself can be tricky because you may end up missing a cut and ruining your hair. Licensed hair stylists are very experienced in any hairstyle you can think of, which is why they are called professionals in the first place. A licensed hair stylist will advise you on which haircut or hair color is more suited to your facial type, personality, or your looks to bring out your best appearance. They see hundreds and thousands of different people and hair styles every year, so you can be sure they’re good at what they do.

A licensed Clayton NC hair stylist knows about all the different hair products out there and they know how best to apply these products. They know which hair product is designed for a specific hair type for different purposes be it repairing damaged hair, promoting growth, or health of colored hair.

If you’re looking for a professional, liscensed hair stylist to cut and style you, look no further than Clayton Hair Salon! They can meet all of your coloring and cutting needs no mater what, the friendly team of stylist there will work to meet your specific needs and have you looking your best before you leave!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Get a Fresh Cut And Color For Spring!

Get Your Hair Highlights Right This Spring

Spring is coming up and in the spirit of enjoying spring, why not get a nice trim and even add in some color? With the snow gone and sundresses out, your hair too needs a refresh. Getting rid of all of those dead ends that gathered up during winter or just giving yourself a new look is a great way to start the new season feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Your color should be a reflection of who you are. Your personality, your likes, your mood and everything you stand for. So don’t get caught up trying to go with the color of the year. Instead choose from the following incredible seven choices of hair colors. They’ll have heads turning and give you the confidence to face Spring in style.

Ashy Violet

The theme color this year is purple and don’t be surprised to see several people going for tones of ultra-violet. However, we cannot all pull such a bold move on our hair but an ashy muted shades of lavender and violet is trendy, easy to wear and super funky.

Face-shaping Balayage

We don’t have to wait till summer to brighten things up. Why don’t you try out a few face shaping sections using caramel blonde. You cannot go wrong with that this spring. It’s elegant, bright and incredibly stylish especially if your hair is shoulder length.

Strawberry Blonde

Guess what? Single treated hues are back and with them is the creamy strawberry blonde shades are at the top of that list. Try this look out and you will not regret.

Exposed Roots

Platinum is not going anywhere but this year it’s taking an interesting twist. Instead of going for the one dimensional icy platinum’s, why not try deeply shaded, bold roots. With the roots exposed you will spend less money and time at the salon trying to get touch ups.

Warm Honey Blonde

If you’re feeling a little tired of platinum and bleach blonde, then honey blond tones are the perfect choice for you. They are warm and they will pop up in the spring making you stand out and look fabulous.

Auburn Ombre

This is a rich hue and some may argue it’s best suited for fall or winter but this beautiful color proves that richer hues can rock in spring too. The good thing about this color is you could wear it through summer as well.

Blush Highlights

If you fancy rose gold but are not ready to commit to pink hair then blush highlights are the perfect match for you. They are wearable and low key giving you that touch of pink you desire without overwhelming the senses.

Your Salon of Choice

You cannot take a risk when it comes to glamming yourself that is why I recommend getting your spring haircut and hair color done at the Clayton Hair Salon. It is located on the 2nd street, Downtown Clayton NC. The stylist there are all licensed and capable of working with whatever request that you may have! No matter who cuts your hair, you’ll leave satisfied and looking good! Visit their website at .

Monday, January 8, 2018

Taming Your Curly Hair

Clayton Hair Salon hair stylist in ClaytonNo question having curly hair is a blessing, but if you have curls, you also know the struggle that comes with it. Tangles, dryness, frizz and the list goes on! Caring for curly hair takes a lot of time and patience, but by learning from a hair stylist in Clayton how to take proper care of your curls, you’ll soon see that all of the sacrifices will be worth it. Here are three ways to tame your curly hair with just a few simple tweaks to make every day a good hair day.

1.  Conditioner is your friend

Conditioner’s primary function is to smooth and soften your hair – a godsend for curly girls everywhere. Most conditioners contain softening agents, humectants, and proteins that moisturize and strengthen your hair. If you’re skimping on conditioner, you may be making your curls pay for it in the form of dryness and frizz. To keep your strands fuzz-free, use conditioner every single time you wash your hair. Letting the product absorb into your hair is the most critical part of using conditioner, so ensure that you let it sit on your curls for at least 5 minutes before you wash it off. Here’s a tip: wash your hair and apply conditioner first, so that it has time to do its magic while you finish showering.

2.  Make good use of hair masks

Although conditioner is excellent, there’s no way that it can do the job of taming your curly hair on its own. To infuse moisture and other nutrients into your hair, you need to use a hair mask. Also called deep conditioners, hair masks are specially formulated to penetrate your hair and hydrate from within instead of on the surface. They often contain oils like coconut or olive oil, two penetrating oils that work to keep your hair’s moisture and protein content perfectly balanced. Balance is the key to healthy curly hair, so incorporating a nutrient-rich mask into your weekly or bi-weekly routine does wonders to keep your curls plump, soft and healthy.

3.  Curl definition is key

A curl-defining product is any product that clumps your curls together. The more clumped your curls are, the less frizzy and tangled your hair gets! Plus, curl definers let your curl pattern shine through. Moisturizing gels, mousses, and curling creams are all curl definers. These products give your hair what plain old gels just can’t – moisture and definition all in one! To avoid an end product that’s too crunchy, layer some oil before you leave the house. It will break the cast of the product and give your hair a beautiful sheen.

Just by adding these three simple tips to your curly hair routine, you can take your curls from being less-than-impressive to being the point of conversation! Use a moisturizing conditioner, deep condition with a hair mask once or twice a week and avoid tumbleweed hair by using a curl-defining product. It’s simple, affordable, and most importantly – effective.

For a hair stylist in Clayton that can help you tame those curls, contact Clayton Hair Salon at 919-795-6742.

Monday, December 4, 2017

What You Should Be Talking About With Your Stylist

Clayton Hair Salon hair stylistWhen you go to a hair stylist, one thing is for sure: communication is vital. To get the result, you’re looking for; your stylist has to know where you’re coming from, what you’re looking for and what kind of relationship you’ve got with your hair.  Merely showing them a picture of your favorite celebrity’s new haircut definitely won’t do the trick. To get the most out of your hair salon visit and reap results that will last for months even after you leave the chair. Here are three of the most important things that you should be talking about with your stylist.

Tell Your Stylist About Yourself

Do you go to the gym six days a week and swim every afternoon? Are you super low-maintenance? Do you hate styles that feel too short? These details can be the difference between a style that you love and one that you hate! The more that your stylist knows about you, the better they can create a style that will suit every aspect of your life. A good stylist knows that hairstyles aren’t one-size-fits-all.  The stylist will be able to use the information that you give to deliver a result that’s compatible with your lifestyle, personality, and habits.

How Healthy Is My Hair?

The idea of having a professional stylist diagnose your hair might be scary, but what’s even more frightening is not knowing your hair’s condition. Have your stylist look at your roots, ends, and scalp, and ask for their honest opinion. Not only will this allow your stylist to know exactly how to handle your hair and what products to use on it, but they will also be able to give you great advice on any products, treatments or practices to incorporate into your hair care routine. Look for feedback on your hair’s strength, elasticity, and level of wear.

How Much Maintenance Will My Style Need?

So you’ve finally gotten the style that you wanted, and everything looks perfect. You leave the salon and head home, and eventually get a couple days’ wear out of your new haircut before you have to wash your hair. Only when you’ve stepped out of the shower, and your hair is dripping wet do you realize: you don’t know how to recreate that gorgeous style!

When it comes to maintaining your style, here’s what you need to ask your stylist.

  • What products can I use to recreate this look?
  • How should I blow dry\straighten\ curl my hair to recreate this look?

The more you know about the upkeep of your cut, the more you can rest assured that you’ll be getting that salon look at home every single time!

The next time you sit in a stylist’s chair at the salon, keep these three tips in mind! You’ll find that better communication will leave you completely satisfied with the final result, and you’ll undoubtedly leave the salon a lot more knowledgeable than when you came in.

To schedule an appointment with a great hair stylist contact Clayton Hair Salon call 919-795-6742.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hair Salon Talk: Fall Hair Colors

Clayton Hair Salon hair colorIt’s no secret that the fall inspires moodier, enthusiastic, luscious,  and vibrant shades of hair colors. Hair colorists have been giving their predictions about this year’s most popular fall hair colors.

Cream Soda Hair

The fall’s hottest and most popular hair color trend is none other than creamy blonde hair created with creamy beige color. This hue gives the blonde hair a warm buttery tone, making the blonde appear natural. For first-timers, baby highlights are recommended.

Espresso Hair Painting

The tradition of hair painting will be kept on fire with this cozy fall hair color trend – hot-n-spicy espresso highlights.  A freehand application of rich espresso as the base color and chocolate and caramel as lowlights is a perfect technique to add balance to the hair. Unlike the foiled hair painting, freehand application of highlights is best left to experienced hair colorists.

Strobing for Curly Hair

This hair color trend is inspired by the strobing trend in makeup. Hair colorists are all set to trick the eyes and create movement in the hair by applying dark, medium and light color to the hair.  Previously, coloring for curly hair had been done by first straightening the client’s hair and then add the hair colors, but now a majority will be seen creating magic by applying the color while the hair is in its natural state.

Flamboyant Colors

Bold unnatural colors have their charm, yet they need to be matched to the natural hair color. Nothing is more sultry than the deep shades of green and blue like that of ‘midnight edge’ that is recommended for the dark hair. A striking shade of red and orange color is suitable for lighter hair. It is impossible for some people to go with a full head of bold hair color.  For those women, it is suggested to have a peekaboo hair color application.  This technique only gives them hints of red, orange, blue, green.   Or opt for semi-permanent colors such as ‘Redken city beats’ that wash out in approximately twelve shampoos.

The hair colors for Fall 2017 are going to be much hotter than anyone could have thought!  Try something bold this fall – add a splash of color to that hair.  Contact Clayton Hair Salon at 919-795-6742 to schedule an appointment today.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Get Silky Waves Even With Coarse Hair

Clayton Hair Salon silky wavesThere’s always been innovation with hairstyles. The best stylists can create impressive hairstyles to match any person’s face, age or hair texture. But is it possible to get silky waves even with coarse hair? Yes, it is possible but does take some practice.  Finding the right products that work for your hair is crucial, so don’t give up after the first try.  Soon you’ll be sporting those silky waves that you desire.

Taming coarse hair takes both moisture and heat.  Coarse hair is naturally, drier than smooth textured hair.  Keeping the moisture in the hair is key to silky locks.  Using moisture-filled products at every step is key to success.


When cleaning the hair, select a moisture-rich shampoo.  Since coarse hair tends to tangle easily, don’t pile the hair on top of the head while shampooing.  Rather work the shampoo into the hair using a downward motion using both hands to move the shampoo to the ends.


Water is best to moisturize hair.  Choose a conditioner in which water is one of the first three ingredients.  Once again don’t  pile hair on top of the head, work the conditioner into the hair using a downward motion.  Deep conditioning hair for 20 minutes is beneficial.


Using a hair dryer will always have a dehydrating effect on the strands, but it can also aid in helping to straighten the hair.  Before starting to dry, divide the hair into four even sections.  Dry each section using a large round brush.  Take strands of hair and roll around brush, once dry, take more strands.  Continue in this manner until each section is done.

Heat Protectant

Before using a flat iron, always use a thermal heat protectant on your hair.  This product helps keep moisture in your hair and protects your strands from heat damage.

Flat Iron

Put the flat iron on a comfortable heat setting.  Take a small portion of hair and flat iron it from root to tip.  Use a gentle pressure so as not to pull out hair by the roots.  Complete each section before moving on to the next.

Now the hair is smooth and straight, to achieve the desired result style as usual. Finish off any styling with a light hairspray.

If you would like to have a professional turn your coarse hair into silky waves, contact Clayton Hair Salon at 919-795-6742.